Laser resurfacing


Although all of the previous surgeries can tighten and tone the face, none of the previously listed procedures can provide any significant improvement in fine wrinkles around the face.

This is particularly true of fine, creepy wrinkles in the lower eyelids, crows feet and fine wrinkles around the mouth.

Fortunately today, using the latest laser technology, Dr. Yohai is able to help smooth these fine lines. This laser technology gently vaporizes skin imperfections, revealing the new skin underneath.

Laser Resurfacing can remove or reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eye and mouth area, soften deep laugh and frown lines and help improve the tone of sun damaged skin. It does this by precisely removing the old surface layers of the skin, allowing a new fresher skin to emerge. As the skin heals and tightens, it will remain pink for weeks to months following surgery. This pinkness can easily be camouflaged using make-up.

During your consultation, the condition of your skin will be discussed in detail, with particular attention to wrinkling, acne scars and other changes that may be a concern to you. Pre and Post photos of patients with similar problems will be presented so you may make a reasonable prediction about your outcome. Our goal is to educate you about the benefits and limitations of laser skin resurfacing and assist you with your decision.

Our commitment is to provide attentive and sensitive pre and post operative care. When you have laser skin resurfacing with Dr. Yohai you can be assured every effort will be made to provide an optimum cosmetic result.

Benefits of Laser Resurfacing

  • Lasers cause less scarring bleeding and bruising.
  • Lasers provide a greater level of control
  • The Doctor can immediately visualize the effect of treatment
  • Laser resurfacing is more predictable and requires a shorter recovery time than traditional treatments.

Services Offered

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing (CO2 and Erbium)
  • Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • Eyebrow and Forehead lifting (open and endoscopic)
  • Cheek lifting
  • Botox

To find out if you could benefit from laser surgery call our office to arrange a cosmetic consultation at (707) 544-7044.